Factor 4 Maintenance Kit

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Increase your 3D printer’s uptime and optimize your workflows with the UltiMaker Factor 4 Maintenance Kit. This kit contains everything you need to perform routine service actions according to the preventive maintenance schedule. You are also provided with a variety of spare parts so you are prepared for the unexpected.

Increase your 3D printer’s uptime and optimize your workflows with the UltiMaker Factor 4 Maintenance Kit. This kit contains everything you need to perform routine service actions according to the preventive maintenance schedule. You are also provided with a variety of spare parts so you are prepared for the unexpected.

Note: The UltiMaker Factor 4 Maintenance Kit includes items specific to Factor 4 and is not recommended for use with other printers.

Included components

The Maintenance Kit includes spare parts, tools, and maintenance consumables:

Spare parts

The parts included in the maintenance kit are consumable items or items that are otherwise likely to be replaced within the first year of printing with the UltiMaker Factor 4.

HEPA filter The large glass-fiber HEPA (H13) filter is located in the Air Manager at the top of the printer. The filter traps Ultrafine Particles (UFPs) from the 3D printing process, ensuring a safe work environment (tested according to UL-2904).

The filter requires replacement after 3000 printing hours. The UltiMaker Factor 4 tracks the filter usage and notifies the user when replacement is due.

Timing belts The timing belts are located in the gantry. There are two (open) Y belts, responsible for moving the X beam back and forth, one (open) X belt, which is placed through the X beam and moves the print head left to right, and one (closed) short belt, which connects the Y motor to the long belts.

The belts can easily be tightened, as they might stretch slightly with extensive use. However, the belts are subjected to constant pressure and friction. As they are critical for achieving optimal accuracy, replacement is advised between one and two years of printing.

Purge rubbers The purge rubbers are placed on either side of the gantry, above the purge buckets. When some material is primed in the buckets, the nozzle is wiped on the rubber afterward. This ensures the tip is clean before the print head moves back into the build volume.

The purge rubbers are in contact with the hot nozzles and molten material, so they will wear over time. Check them periodically and replace the rubbers when they are damaged or worn.

Nozzle cover The nozzle cover at the bottom of the print head shields the print cores from cold airflow from the fans, which helps the print cores maintain a stable temperature while printing. The cover also helps to prevent backflow of material into the print head when something goes wrong during printing.

The heat of the nozzles may cause wear on the nozzle cover over time. It is recommended to check the quality of the cover at least once every three months. This may be necessary more frequently when printing with high-temperature materials.

Nozzle cover bracket This is the bottom part of the print head. It is opened to change the print core configuration and it contains the nozzle cover. This bracket must close securely to prevent failures. If this is no longer the case or when the bracket is damaged otherwise, replace it before you continue printing.

Always ensure that the silicone nozzle cover is correctly installed in the bracket before starting a new print job.

Bowden tubes The Bowden tubes guide the filament to the print head. The UltiMaker Factor 4 contains various Bowden tubes throughout the extrusion path, but the tubes connected to the print head are most prone to wear. This is because they are located inside the heated chamber, are subjected to movement, and may have to be removed from the print head routinely for print core cleaning.

The filament must be able to pass through the tubes without friction, and the Bowden tubes must be securely attached to the print head. If this is no longer the case, replace the tubes for improved reliability.

Fasteners The Bowden tubes are secured using tube coupling collets, wave washers, and clamp clips. These small items are critical for the reliable movement of the filament through the machine. Although these parts do not tend to wear under normal conditions, while performing maintenance and repair actions they can easily be misplaced.

The maintenance kit contains a convenient collection of spares.

Collet press cover This part conveniently releases the pressure on the Bowden tubes in the print head when pressed. It is placed at the top of the print head, over the tube coupling collets. Press down on the lip while pulling the corresponding Bowden tube upward, for example during the print core cleaning process.

This maintenance kit contains a spare if this part is damaged or lost.

Cooling fan The UltiMaker Factor 4 print head contains three radial cooling fans: two at each side of the print head to cool the printed object and nozzle plane, and one at the back to cool the print cores, ensuring that the heat does not travel too far upward.

Ensure all three fans are working properly and spinning freely to maintain print quality and prevent extrusion issues. This kit includes one spare fan in case of problems.

Print head bolts The feeders in the print head can be opened by turning the small thumb screw at the top. You can open the feeders to clean the gears, or to release pressure when filament is stuck in the print head. The thumb screw should only be loosened, not removed, as it can easily get lost. This maintenance kit contains two spares.

The print head is secured to the X beam in the gantry with an M3x50 bolt. Easily take the print head out of the gantry for maintenance purposes by loosening this bolt. It only should be loosened, not removed completely, but this maintenance kit contains a spare in case it gets lost.


You need several different tools to perform maintenance actions, calibrations, and simple repairs. This maintenance kit contains the following tools:

Mirror This small mirror is used during the purge location calibration. During this process, use the controls on the display to ensure that the tip of the nozzle is exactly above the purge rubber. Hold the mirror at an angle below the rubber to look up.
ESD bracelet When working with electronics, it is important to take ESD precautions. ESD can damage sensitive components, which may lead to immediate failure or latent damage. This maintenance kit contains an extendable ESD bracelet, which can easily be connected to the frame of the printer when, for example, the back panel is removed and the mainboard is exposed.
Screwdrivers The UltiMaker Factor 4 uses different screws and bolts to secure components and modules. This maintenance kit contains the screwdriver types for the most common repair and maintenance actions:

Hex 2, Hex 2.5, Torx 9, Torx 15, and Torx 20


Keeping the printer clean and well-lubricated is critical to the performance of the UltiMaker Factor 4. The maintenance kit contains the most important consumables for completing regular maintenance tasks.

Cleaning filament This is a pack of 10 sticks of 2.85 mm polycarbonate filament used for cleaning the print cores. The UltiMaker Factor 4 contains an assisted cleaning procedure in the firmware. Cleaning filament can be used for preventive maintenance as well as removing more severe blockages in the print cores.
Grease for lead screw The lead screw is connected to the Z motor and controls the movements of the Z stage. To ensure smooth movement of the Z stage, it is recommended to periodically clean the lead screw and apply new grease. Move the build plate up and down to distribute the lubricant.
Grease for linear rails This grease is intended for the gantry, to lubricate the linear guide on which the print head carriage is mounted. The grease is supplied in a convenient syringe for easy and accurate application.