Form 3B Turnkey Solution Package

£4,469.00£6,369.00 ex VAT


IMPORTANT NOTE:  The printer price for the Turnkey Solution Package is shown above.  However the printer can only be purchased with a Support Package which will add the following cost (depending on the Package you select):

Included in the Turnkey Solution Package:

  • Form 3B 3D Printer
  • PreForm Software
  • Form Wash
  • Form Cure
  • 1 x Model Resin Cartridge
  • Resin Tank
  • Build Platform
  • Finish Kit

Note: IPA is not included, however we can recommend where to purchase from.

Please read the Description below for an explanation of the Support Package cover.


This machine is recommended for anyone who wants to print with biocompatible resins and non-biocompatible materials designed for medical professionals, such as Formlabs Model Resin.

All Formlabs 3D Printers are now supplied with  a Printer Support Package as standard which must be chosen along with the purchase of your 3D printer.

Cover includes:

  • Priority service direct from one of our Form 3B Service Engineers
  • Support from our dedicated service team will provide detailed instructions and in many cases issues can be fixed by the customer on-site. If this is not possible then we will ‘Hot Swap’ your Form 3B 3D Printer.
  • Hot swap of machine:

Should your Form 3B be unrepairable, a replacement printer will be shipped within 7 working days in exchange for your system

  • In-house back-up 3D printing service:

Support builds for urgent parts on one of our in-house systems whilst waiting for your 3D Printer to be replaced.  Subject to workload, system and material availability.

Please note:

The Form 3B Printer Support Package Option can only be purchased at the same time as the Form 3B 3D Printer order and will start on the same date as the 12 months warranty period.

Package Options Available:

1 Year Option – 12 months SKU 2FOR708 priced at £  400.00

2 Year Option – 24 months SKU 2FOR709 priced at £1200.00

3 Year Option – 36 months SKU 2FOR710 priced at £1900.00